Pipe Lining Services

Renew aged, corroded piping systems to “better than new”

epoxy pipe liningThe cured in-place pipe restoration process is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional pipe system replacement. Our technology allows us to restore and renew aged, corroded piping systems to a “better than new” condition without removing them. The epoxy liner installed to the pipes’ interior will seal and protect the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the life of the piping systems. The process can be used on a variety of piping materials, which include clay, concrete, metal, iron steel, PVC and fiberglass.

Epoxy pipe lining is accomplished by fabricating materials on-site and running resin-soaked liners through damaged pipe lines. The two-part epoxy cures in place creating a structural bond to original pipe material, with a start-to-finish project time of one to two days. Epoxy pipe lining comes with a 10-year guarantee and reduces traditional job costs by an average of 50 percent.

The structural liner process is a patented, non-destructive technology that allows anyone occupying the building(s) to continue with their daily activities — preventing displacement, business closure and minimizing pipe system down time.

This innovative, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining system creates a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape. The pipe is rehabilitated to a better-than-new condition, with an increased flow rate, eliminated weakened joints, sealed cracks and eradicating the chance of groundwater pollution. Our structural lining technology is best suited for 2“ to 12” in diameter.

Below are several photos from a recent residential project and our work at the BC Legislature. To view the entire project details, please visit our Projects section.