Home Waterproofing Services

If you have a wet basement, give Victoria Drains a call.

A simple foundation problem can end with proper installation of the right waterproofing system.

WaterproofingThe foundation is literally what the house is built on, what keeps the building where it was built. Water is the source of the vast majority of foundation problems; wet soil beneath a foundation can swell or lose strength.

Wet or damp basements and crawl spaces can also breed mold and make below-ground interior spaces generally unpleasant. Keeping water drained away from concrete foundations and preventing it from moving through the concrete are essential to a dry basement.

There are three components of any system designed to keep water out:

  • Drains to move water away from the bottom of the foundation
  • Wall treatment to prevent moisture from moving through the wall and to route water down to the drains
  • Ground surface treatment adjacent to the building to direct surface water away

Victoria Drains will assess and address every situation in which a below grade foundation wall is exposed during the course of our work.