Commercial Drain Services

commercial apartment buildingProtect your Investment!

Drainage systems for commercial properties can be given decades of service in advance of major repair and replacement with some of our specialty products.  For example, many of our solutions to cracked or broken cast iron can be accomplished with minimal disruption and our team has many innovative fixes for all your drainage needs.

A preventative maintenance program can save significant expense over the long term by eliminating the risk of blockages and leaks which can cause flooding and damage to property. Planned maintenance also ensures the effective functioning of pipe work and drainage systems over long periods of time.

Our preventative maintenance programs are tailored to the specific needs of each customer and include (but are not limited to):

  • Cleaning and clearing of drainage
  • Scale cutting
  • Tree root removal

Minimize expensive repairs

Regular servicing of older apartments and multi-tenant building is critical to avoiding expensive and disruptive upgrades in the future.  Small problems can be addressed before they become large problems and strategic fixes can be done to prevent disaster.

Cost-effective upgrades

Thousands of properties in the Victoria area were built with cast iron drains and sewer pipes.  All these systems will eventually fail, as cast iron will eventally rust or crack in a wet environment.  Ordinarily, replacement of a cast iron drainage system would involve disruption of floors, walls and ceilings at considerable time and expense.  Our pipe lining system effectively puts a "pipe inside a pipe" by using a 2 part epoxy product inside an inflateable lining.  When the situation involves disruption to multiple tenants, pipe lining can save tens of thousands of dollars in dismantling and construction costs.

Disaster recovery

Victoria Drains has all the equipment to make emergency fixes to leaks and broken drains. We have dozens of pumps and creative solutions to minimize damage while repairs are being made.