About Us

Victoria Drains TeamVictoria Drains and its staff of 18 employees routinely provides a range of services from power rooting and waterline leak detection to storm and sewer line replacements right up to mini excavating and trucking. Aside from its fleet of service vehicles, the company operates a small scale exavation division that includes three dump trucks and seven mini excavators.  They offer a full range of drain camera inspection work where they can examine the interior lines with a special CCTV system that can provide information about underground pipes that you wouldn't be able to obtain any other way but exploritory digging.

In business since 2004, Victoria Drain Services operates out of a 6,500 sq.ft. facility located at 31 Regina Ave from which it services the entire Greater Victoria area.  Capable of dealing with all aspects of residential and commercial drainage system replacement and servicing.

Owner Dave Lloyd

Dave, from Victoria DrainsDave loves the simplicity of his job:  Find problems and fix them.  In practice, solutions are not always easy but Dave is driven to provide his customers with an honest quote on any job that he is called upon to assess.  Dave's experience is reflected in his ability to anticipate potential problems and inform homeowners before any work is initiated.  "No surprises" is a welcome phrase to homeowners when it comes to the final cost of any project.  Dave is also proud of the fact that his company is at the forefront of innovation and able to provide property owners with unique solutions that minimize disruption and save time and money.

Call Victoria Drains for a honest assessment and quote on any drainage project.